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01. Overview

Huskify Request For Quote is a shopify application allow Merchants create function allow customer can send request quote with custom price to Merchants, Merchants can accept and convert it to order or canceld the request quote

what the application benefit?

- Configure Request Quote for product, Collection and Product Tags.

- Allow Convert From Request quote to order or auto Convert Quote to order.

- Allow Customer send request quote with multipe products

- Email notify when customer send request or update request quote.

- Advance Form builder allow Merchants can add and edit fileds in the quote form.

- Advance Report help Merchants can easy Manage Request Quote items.

2. App configure
2.1. Configure Storefont

To complete app setup, You have to enable embeds block and add app sections to product page in your store

- Enable embeds block

In the app dashboard, Click to Enable App embeds To online Store button

when embeds block is enable in your online store, You can click to Save button

- Add app sections to product page in your store

In the app dashboard, Click to Add app sections to product page in your store button

The app section is added to your product page automatically, You can move or drag to the possition that you want and click save

2.2. Manage Setting

- You can change Enable address, Auto Convert to order, Request item, price or quantity in the setting.

- Go to Manage Setting by click to Manage Setting on left Sidebar menu:

- Complete setting form and click save

2.3. Quote Page && Form Builder

- You need create a Request quote page to allow customer can send Request for quote

- Go to Form Builder by click to Form Builder on left Sidebar menu:

- Enter Page Title and Click Save

- Form Builder allow you can Add and Edit custom filed in the request quote form. In the Form buider section, Click Add Filed, Edit And Click Save

3. Manage Service
3.1. Add Quote Item

Go To Manage Quote Items => Click To add Quote Button on the top right

Enter quote information, You can Assgin the quote item to All, Product, Collection or Product Tags

  • + All: The quote item will applied for all products
  • + Product: The quote item will applied Specific products
  • + Collection: The quote item will applied Specific Collection
  • + Product Tags: The quote item will applied Specific Collection

For Example: I Assgin the quote item to the product. In the Type Filed, Select Product Option And click to Select Product Button.

Select Product and Click to Continue Button

Click Save

3.2. Manage Quote Items

After add quote item, the quote item will show in the Manage Quote item, You can Edit, Delete them.

The Button "Add Product To Quote" will show in the product in the frontend.

4. Add Product & Send Request For Quote
4.1. Add Product To Quote

After Merchant Add Quote item, Customer can add product to quote list and send request for quote. In the product page, click to Add Product To Quote

Customer Can add multipe products to the quote list, After adding product, he ca Click to the Send Quote For quote by click to Send Request To Quote Button in the modal or Icon Request For Quote in the top right corner.

4.2. Send Request For Quote

Customer can send request for quote in the Requets Quote Page. He can Edit expect price, quantity, enter information and Click To Send Request For Quote Button

4.3. Manage Customer Quote Items

After customer sending Request for quote, the Customer quote item will show in Manager Customer Quote Items

Merchant Can accept & Convert to order or Cancel the Customer Request quote

After accept the Request Quote & Convert To order, The order is created.

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